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Essay on the theme of the New Year

Essay on the theme of the New Year
Even banks are open until 12 o'clock on December 31 and rest the first three days of the New Year. According to literary sources, the significance of celebrating the New Year in each country for children and adults is revealed with the execution of the most incredible miracles and the fulfillment of the most cherished desires and dreams. Hand and in the bath! To understand this, take a tour into the past and follow the evolution of the New Year holiday from ancient times to our time. The history of Kiev Russia and Moscow, the 2014 Olympics in Sochi, abstract. Download essay on the topic Sociological study on the theme: "Meeting of the New Year." Traditionally, this night or early in the morning, people exchange gifts and wish each other a successful and happy New Year. Below in the center of the title, indicate the type of work and academic subject (for example, a summary of the literature). Required: city (for domestic editions), publishing; the year of publishing; the number of pages in the print edition; for the 2nd and subsequent editions - the number of the edition / reprint and its appearance (2nd, 3rd ... corrected and supplemented, stereotyped, etc.).

In Russia until the 15th century, the new calendar year began from 1. In Mexico, the obligatory attribute is festive fireworks and New Year bells, and for children Abstracts on culture and art "New Year: history of the holiday. In Cuba, the New Year clock only beats 11 times. In India, the New Year is celebrated in different ways. How the new year was celebrated in pagan ancient Russia is one of the unresolved and controversial issues in historical science. I also think that people of different ages celebrate the new year in different ways. We, students of sociological research, are asking to answer a number of questionnaire questions. The abstract is presented in printed form, made in the program Word. History of Kiev Russia and Moscow. The history of the large steel casting shop. The anatomical atlas, for example, the atlas of the human anatomy of Sinelnikov. Geographic Atlas - a collection of geographical maps. It is necessary to display files in the general list in chronological order. This is exactly what needs to be given in the description. Well, let's remove, since it is so important. 15. How to issue exam tickets, tests, answers and cheat sheets? 8. How to execute settlement and graphic works? 10. How to make term papers and projects?

Each ethnos enriches it and improves with its existence. Each abstract according to GOST 2018 (sample is shown below) and the guidelines of the university has a standard structure. Do not turn the abstract into a simple rewriting of various sources. All requirements, which will be discussed further, are very important, because their non-observance can spoil the abstract, even full of meaning and relevant information. GOST 2018 (sample) should be numbered in Arabic numerals, starting with the 3rd page, introduction. Whatever I offer you, it will be my personal opinion. What else can I add? If you notice that the site has material that is not properly decorated, please suggest corrections using the appropriate form that is available for any file. If only part of the data is unknown, indicate those that are known. If the magazine has 100 or more pass-through numbers. The publication will help the student not only to assimilate and promptly repeat the training material before passing the test and exam, but also to qualitatively prepare for seminars, write a term paper and a thesis.

E. Durkheim is not absolute, but applies to our holiday entirely. And what if the book is unknown? Is there a single position on them? At the same time, the past collections that are absolutely identical in series are designed in the same way, and for some reason they arranged a moderator. I added a textbook, more description is not there, except what I wrote. Some spaces should not be offered. Weakly imagine the seeker, to-ry enters this detail in the search engine. Describe it all in brief in the description. Considering the traditions and customs of the Russian people, we can understand the peculiarities of their culture. Ufa, 2005. 15 questions. Law Institute, 5th year. Given the practice of registration on the site, why this numbering is better to stick? England: EMI Records, 1975. Vol. For example, do you live on Lomonosov street? Improvement of metallurgical production technology. Pages should be numbered with the title page, which is not denoted by a number. He does not smell everywhere tree and snow. 13. Zborovsky G. E. General Sociology: Course of Lectures / In-t Management and Economics; USPPU. How important is it to avoid upper case? The traditional New Year's set - Santa Claus, Snow Maiden, Russian salad and champagne, appeared a little later. See also the expanded guide on registration of periodicals.

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Essay on advantages and disadvantages of television 170-200 words

Essay on advantages and disadvantages of television

Television has become an integral part of human life, one of the main providers of information, and not a "symbol" of rest after a working day (although in our time it is on the Internet all over the front). But unlike the Internet, where the user has to "get" the content of his own interests, the TV shows are transmissions and programs in advance prepared for the target audience - housewives, sports lovers, children - the number of specialized channels is growing and growing.

It is not very difficult to join: it's enough to buy a TV and set it up correctly. Here and this infinite stream of information will begin:

fresh news;
cooking shows;
talk show.
In general, there is an extremely wide range of programs and each spectator will spot some.

I will not magnify - I also have TV at home. And I always loved, especially in my childhood, to watch TV shows there. And he loved playing television on a prefix. In short, "zomboyaschik" was next to my happy life.

But, enough preludes, we turn to the pros and cons:

Television broadens the horizons. At the expense of a large abundance of television broadcasts a huge amount of useful information is supplied to a person;
TV helps to relax - to lie near the TV is much nicer and more interesting than sitting in silence and looking at the ceiling;
Television introduces the culture. These include the transmission of art, and cinema masterpieces;
Television (albeit with a little backlog) shows the latest cinema news. That is, we are aware of the events;
With the help of television, you can alert about natural disasters;
Television - a platform for speeches and appeals;
For those who want to make a television career - a way to self-fulfillment;
Television (by itself) is also free, unlike the same internet, for which the user is forced to pay.
Television takes a lot of time. Sometimes, being carried away by the transfer, one can forget about really important things;
Television can be a source of unnecessary information, inaccurate news and other "media slag";
Television is increasingly becoming a source of shock content;
Television weakly regulates "child" and "adult" time;
Television is a source of advertising that you can not disable, unlike Internet advertising.
It is impossible to say unequivocally that television, as the majority believes, has more disadvantages than advantages. Looking at it wider, we were able to find a lot of pluses.

Watch TV - but most importantly, do it right!

Disadvantages of mckinsey's 7 s model essay

Disadvantages of mckinsey's 7 s model essay

Numerous approaches to do this sort of investigation exist and are utilized world broadly, however the ones that can give the best outcomes are, as I would see it, McKinsey 7s model and Galbraith`s Star show. The two models are helpful in light of the fact that they portray critical hierarchical components and perceive the cooperation between them. Both additionally expect associations to utilize a picked methodology to educate structure choices. 

The two techniques demonstrate basic constraints, particularly with respect to info and yield components and the outer condition. A company`s authoritative structure has the job of organizing its procedure in a way that they are fruitful and understand the principle characteristics characterized in their dreams and qualities. Subsequently, I believe that the most ideal approach to break down it is utilizing McKinsey 7S demonstrate. In this model, the common estimations of the organization are in the center of the framework which they use to plan the structure of the relations inside an organization. As various models center around various perspectives, the 7S display center around interior angles and it was picked considering this is the focal point of the investigation. The seven components (S`s) considered are: Strategy, or the arrangement and bearings to fabricate upper hand; Structure, who reports to whom; Systems, day by day methods done by the specialists; Skills, the capacities of the representatives; Staff, the workers themselves; Style, the sort of administration utilized inside the organization; and Shared qualities, center estimations of the partnership. I think these are extraordinary ones to inside investigate an association. The model depends on the commence that an association needs to adjust seven interior angles with the end goal to make the coveted progress. The structure plan can be seen on the picture underneath:

Disadvantages of hostel life essay

Disadvantages of hostel life 

It is here that they spend the bulk of their time and get the first serious bases of independent life, it is with him (dormitory) that such pleasant memories and acquaintances are associated.

However, living in a hostel also includes a number of negative factors associated with "some" inconvenience and disadvantages. Chernivtsi student dormitories are no exception.

Undoubtedly, the most urgent issue is ensuring the comfort of the home. This problem has long been relevant. The fact is that in the hostel it is forbidden to use the majority of electric household appliances (for the safety of the students themselves), such as an electric kettle, iron or fireplace. If you can not do without the first, because you can use a regular kettle, then without the second is unlikely. Instead, permissible household appliances (computer, TV, refrigerator) in university dormitories in Chernivtsi set up an additional fee.

Ideally, a dormitory should have a specially equipped room where it would be possible to wash or tidy things, but in the meantime nothing like this is simply absent in most dormitories.

"If we talk about our hostel, then, in principle, the living conditions are normal: there are kitchens, showers (now for repairs - aut.), A lounge room (with a TV, computers and a soft part of furniture). We try to solve some of the problems by ourselves, something with the help of students ", - notes Anna Yermakova, the commandant of the 1st dormitory of Chernivtsi University.

Another problem with a seasonal household plan is the heating issue. Very often the batteries, which, probably, still "remember" the students of the late 70's, the touch of the winter is slightly different from the batteries in the summer and perform more "decorative" than the heating function. True, lately this problem is beginning to be solved, however, the pace could be higher.

The feature of the rooms in the hostel is the presence of already "rare" furniture. But they do not create the desired comfort. Their replacement is also not superfluous.

Prokopchuk Igor (a 3rd-year student living in the first-rate dormitory) commented on the characteristics of a dormitory: "The only significant drawbacks for me are two things. Firstly, this is a sanitary state: it is sometimes quite unpleasant to go to the toilet when under the feet "puddles" of unknown origin ... Secondly, a little annoying state of inventory. It even happens that the door from the bedside can stay in the hands ... But, no matter how, I like to live here. It is clear that the benefits of living in a hostel are more than shortcomings. "

Hot water - is not the most painful problem. Already in recent years, hostels have started installing electric boilers, but the shower is usually on the repair and the use of them is not enough.

It is these problems that will be called almost every resident of the hostel. "It's possible to tolerate everything else," says student Romanyuk Taras (lives in the hostel for three years), - I personally do not like the fact that sometimes students allow themselves to be smoked in a hostel. And, moreover, I believe that many problems arise because of the lack of a culture of behavior of the students themselves. "

This means not an everyday, but an organizational aspect ... Student hostel differs from the usual "communal" first of all by the fact that it is calm here only late at night and at the weekend: people are ambitious here and seek constant communication. However, before that, as a rule, get used to ...

Whatever kind of household inconvenience, and people in the dormitory does not diminish. Moreover, there is another problem - shortage of places! For example, in the hostels of ChNU, compared with last year, the average number of residents increased by one hundred people in each hostel. Every year, dozens of students, regardless of desire, can not go to the hostel. Funds for new buildings or, at least, for the restoration of old ones, as always is not enough.

I applied for comments to the director of the Chernivtsi National University's Kyryluk Nicholas University: "The problems of the hostels are well known to us. Every year the situation improves. Of course, there is a lack of funding (at least 3.5 million hryvnias are needed every year for holding the campus). If this year the proceeds were at an appropriate level, this year the situation is more complicated: first of all, it is connected with the Tender Chamber (all payments to state organizations and institutions in Ukraine are carried out through it - aut.). Now it's not known at all whether it will exist, so there is a delay in funds. But anyway, the University is trying to improve the state of affairs. So, last year new refrigerators, gas cookers, beds, tables, chairs were bought, all shower rooms were installed in the hostels. However, only our efforts were not enough to solve all problems in a comprehensive manner. The only way out is to organize this process at the state level. "

          Of course, the problems of student dormitories are known both to the authorities, to the management of educational institutions, and to student self-government. So, back in 2006, the Department of Economics and Finance, the Department of Higher Education of Ukraine and the All-Ukrainian Student Council decided to launch a state program

Why lying is good essay

Lying is good

Yes, yes, you heard right.

If we bring Kant's moral imperatives to the point of absurdity, then on the one hand there is a planet in front of us where people are not able to lie, and therefore there is no humor, fairy tales, and daily stroking compliments in it (“I really liked your casserole, my love!”), or people can lie and ... we get our planet. On which a lie is far from the worst sin.

Just like aggression, a lie is an extremely important category for the survival of the species and society. Well, yes, unpleasant, when directed to you, but permissible in most cases, in some - the lesser evil.

Here are collected works in which a lie is not just justified, but is considered good. In the end, most of us sympathize with adventurers, not with rigid morality.

Close paths - Lie for good: we are talking about isolated cases of deception.

Immediately the main thing is not to twist in the opposite direction, but recently a Cretan citizen came to me, told me that all Cretans were liars ...
R. Sabatini, Odyssey of Captain Blood. Blood and his comrades regularly lie to enemies.
Yudkovsky's “triple contact” - the alien civilization of sexual hedonists recognizes people the right to lie and, as a result, humor, although it considers it a strange product of our thinking. Sympathy reader - on the side of people.
“The pursuit of the tail” by A. Gromov - to save the rest of humanity from the out-of-control mirmikantropes makes considerable efforts to deceive the captive enemy ... In order to understand all the diabolical cunning of this act, it is better to read the story itself - a short summary will not work here.
“Odyssey of Captain Blood”, “The Lord of the Rings”, “Harry Potter” and a huge number of other books about the war - the deception of the enemy is always a good thing and usually is not even called a lie.
“Liar, Liar” - a lawyer has to lie to achieve success in court, but then he loses this remarkable ability. A fantastic fable tries to tell us: “To lie is bad!”, But at the same time the moral is different: “Don't lie to your child, lie more at work!”.
"The invention of lies" - there is generally a pedal to the floor. On the planet, one man suddenly learned to lie. And such creativity at once flooded, and such success on all fronts ...
"The magic voice of Gelsomino" based on the fairy tale of Gianni Rodari. The song is about the fact that "not only a sword, not only a whip, and a lie is necessary to the crown" and that "a lie is beautiful when it is useful and terrible when it is harmful." Zigzag, as this is a villainous song.
TV serials
"Doctor House" - Gregory House and members of his team in word and deed prove this postulate almost in every episode.
Another Doctor, originally from the planet Gallifrey, also knows that sometimes it is better to lie than to tell the truth, but only some persistent personalities get to the unpleasant truth themselves ... oh.
Star Gate: The Universe. So, Dr. Nicholas Rush, the still unbearable genius after his next trick (for a second, the ship's commander's backbone) was left to die on the planet, but somehow didn’t grow together, he managed to get out. And then Dr. Rush ... supports the lie of the ship's commander that he was abandoned on the planet due to an unfortunate coincidence of circumstances, and not malicious intent! In a personal conversation after the fact, both men agree that no one needs an extra reason for scandals in a very closed community with a very nervous atmosphere.

Is technology helpful or harmful essay

 Technology helpful or harmful essay

Now almost all human life is associated with certain technologies. At home, in the office, in the car and on the streets, we are surrounded by computer and home appliances, mobile phones, instruments for cars, and many other devices every day help us to perform various tasks and thus facilitate everyday life. Technologies are the faithful and necessary companions of modern man.
First of all, when we come home or to our workplace, we are met by a computer or laptop. This is a truly innovative device that has no analogues. In addition to the usual work on the computer, we can access the Internet, connect to various devices for further transmission of information or print data.

Now it’s almost impossible to imagine your life without a wireless telephone connection. With the help of a small lightweight device, you can connect with a person anywhere in the world, surf the Internet, listen to your favorite music and much more. Today, people are less likely to visit bookstores, because it is much easier and faster to download free e-books, as this does not require additional costs.
The introduction of innovative technologies has many positive aspects, but negative ones also take place. Every day we trust computers and other similar carriers with valuable information, which, sometimes, we can not share even with loved ones. Periodically, the devices fail, thereby exposing us to great trouble, because the loss or, conversely, the disclosure of data can have serious consequences.

In addition, such a global development of technology causes not only dependence on devices and gadgets, but also leads to the degradation of a whole generation. During virtual communication, young people do not think about the rules of grammar, often use abbreviations or simply distort words, therefore in real life it is becoming more and more difficult to formulate and express their thoughts.

Undoubtedly, the role of technology is very large in life. They should be used wisely, for the benefit and benefit of future generations.

Is social media helpful or harmful essay

Is social media helpful or harmful essay

I have already briefly touched upon the issue of the dangers of social networks in other articles, but now I decided to consider this topic in a separate article. Here I will talk about how a fascination with social networks like Contact, Facebook, Classmates, Twitter can negatively affect a person’s mental health. I will give some tips on how to use social networks for the benefit, not harm. I also compiled a ranking of social networks, which you can find at the end of the article.

Social networks have identified trends in the development of the Internet in the direction of integration, combining opportunities in a single, multi-user web platforms. These platforms provided an opportunity for the user to communicate with friends, read news, watch movies, listen to music, share it with other participants, take part in discussions, unite by interests, create communities and all these opportunities are concentrated on one site!

Undoubtedly, social networks are a great technological achievement that offers many opportunities. But along with these opportunities come troubles ... It’s impossible to say that social networks are one continuous harm, just like you can’t say the same thing, for example, about a computer game. With the right, disciplined approach to this miracle of Internet technologies, you can get some benefit and make your life easier. But there is always a risk that working with social networks will have harmful consequences on our psyche.

What could be the consequences? What is the danger of social networks? This will be discussed below.

Dependence on social networks
Social networks have a great addictive potential, that is, a significant risk of addiction. There are several reasons for this. The first reason is that social media work annoys the pleasure centers in our brain. We have pleasant emotions, every time we read a friendly comment under our photo, we get a “like”, when someone leaves a positive review, etc.

The desire to re-receive these emotions brings us back to the open spaces of social networks, forcing us to spend more and more time there.

The second reason lies in the features of the assimilation of information when working in multi-user web platforms. A person who sits, for example, in contact, receives a lot of heterogeneous information in small portions in a small period of time: he read a short comment, answered, immediately opened the news, looked at an interesting post in the community about science, began reading, simultaneously turning on the audio recording, missed , because the attention was distracted by a message from a friend, answered and went to the page of this friend to see what's new there.

The brain gets used to this mode of operation as quickly as the hand and mouth get used to the “clicking” of the seeds. It's not just about the pleasure itself and the features of learning information, but also about the convenience, speed and availability of social networks!

To enjoy the opinion of another person about your photo, you don’t have to suffer much: logged in (at least from the phone) and with one click looked at how many people “liked” your photo on the beach! To take your attention with something not straining and enthralling, you do not need to look for an interesting article in the search: opened a contact and began to read news and watch updates from friends. Everything is fast and convenient.

The speed and availability, in my opinion, are important prerequisites for the formation of any dependence. Man instinctively searches for the easiest ways to achieve pleasure, even if these ways are ineffective and lead to harmful consequences. Take the habit of smoking. Quick and affordable.

Dependence on spending time in social networks leads to the following problems.

Reduced attention span
Above, I wrote about how a user can digest information in social networks: quickly, spontaneously and in small portions. As I said, the brain gets used to such work with information and gradually loses the ability to keep attention on something for a long time. Developed attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. This is a side effect generated by the philosophy of information integration: when working with a single web interface begins to combine many functions such as communication, listening to music, discussing meetings, etc., the user is tempted to break everything at once and perform several processes in parallel.

It badly affects the abilities of our thinking. It becomes difficult to hold attention for a long time, for example, while reading a book. Our mind, following the acquired habit, begins to jump from one object to another. Therefore, there are difficulties in order to consistently ponder, ponder one problem: attention constantly “floats away”.

Especially this problem is acute in the context of the younger generation. Children's thinking is much more plastic than the adult one and therefore it is easier to adopt the harmful standards of thinking that form, including the social network.

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